Company Profile

Barpa is a partnership between Federation of Victorian Traditional Owner Corporations and Cockram Construction. The company is majority-owned by aboriginal people.





Barpa is a construction services business offering a range of specialist skills to provide an indigenous solution to the Australian Construction Industry and Government sectors.

Formed by the Federation of Victorian Traditional Owner Corporations and Cockram Construction, the partnership builds on the strengths of the two entities to offer a new solution for capital works projects across Australia.

Barpa’s highly skilled staff will ensure the success of challenging construction projects, such as:

* Complex projects with unique execution requirements

* Special purpose facilities or highly serviced buildings

* Commercial construction and facility fit-outs

* Miscellaneous construction works and repairs

* Building in operational and secure environments

* Complex client/stakeholder interactions

* Laboratory or controlled environment facilities

* Phased/Staged work programs

* Regional and remote project work

* National and multi-site projects

With seven office located in six states and territories, Barpa has national coverage with full construction capability.