Barpa provides support to Indigenous organisations, initiatives, groups and events. We encourage good corporate citizenship.

Barpa is committed to making a positive difference for Australia’s first people.  We embed this commitment in every part of our business by ensuring Traditional Owner engagement activities happen pre and during projects by providing employment and career development opportunities for Indigenous people directly in our company or through associated trade contractors, actively pursuing & developing indigenous trade contractors, utilising the Indigenous Business sector in our supply chain, supporting indigenous youth in pursuing  a career in construction, sponsoring Indigenous sports teams, and volunteering staff for indigenous community projects.

Barpa takes corporate responsibility seriously, and we are committed to taking an active role in supporting and engaging with community and business.

To support this, Barpa have developed a community focused initiative called Community-2-Day.  The program provides our staff the opportunity to take two fully paid days to volunteer for a charity or a community group of their choice. This has often led to project teams undertaking group activities which further embraces the organisational culture of teamwork.

Korin Gamadji Institute – Careers Expo Sponsorship

“On behalf of the Richmond Football Club and the Korin Gamadji Institute, I would like to thank Barpa Construction for its sponsorship and support of the 2016 Dreamtime Careers Expo.

The Expo is a significant event that promotes education and employment opportunities for Indigenous Australians and continues to embrace and celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. The Expo has become a key event within the Dreamtime Week activities”

Michael Lacy – Head of Community, Richmond Football Club


Barpa sponsored the 2016 Dreamtime Careers Expo at the Korin Gamadji Institute as part of National Reconciliation Week. The event attracted over 1,000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders from across Australia looking for career opportunities.

Read more about on the Korin Gamadji Institute.