Barpa takes Chartered Plane to the remote North

Dwayne Good | In Travel Group

February 7th 2019

Every day of the week, the team here at In Travel Group are helping companies and their people travel across the country to go about their important work. One of the organisations we do this for is Barpa Construction Services, a majority-Indigenous-owned-and-operated construction company, certified by Supply Nation.

“Barpa works on mostly regional construction jobs around Australia,” says Dwayne Good, In Travel Group Managing Director. “And it’s our role at In Travel Group to make sure they get there on time and without any hassle.”

We recently worked behind the scenes to ensure Barpa could carry out large-scale construction projects at three separate locations in remote Northern Queensland – Weipa, Bamaga and Thursday Island. As a travel management provider whose commitment is to provide our customers with tailored travel solutions, we took care of all flights and accommodation, including arranging charter flights into remote areas, ensuring the Barpa crew could efficiently travel between a range of difficult-to-get-to locations.

“Our aim with a company like Barpa is to remove the burden of having to organise the complex travel arrangements,” says Dwayne. “This allows Barpa to focus on what they do best.”

Barpa Director Jeremy Clark says that having In Travel Group take care of the company’s travel program provides peace of mind for their business with efficient service and solutions to challenging travel needs.

“In-Travel Group are a great example of the Indigenous businesses we use in our supply chain, the quality of service they provide demonstrates the maturity of the Indigenous business sector”, says Jeremy Clark.